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Movie name: Gravity
Release Date: 04 October, 2013
Director : Alfonso Cuaron
Genres : Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Writer : Jonas Cuaron
Runtime: 90 Min


Watch The Ultimate Sci-Fi Story Of A medical engineer And an astronaut in zero Gravity Online.


Gravity Movie  brings our exploration of space emerged from imagination, science and therefore the spark of inspiration, the extraordinary Gravity uses those self same tools to craft a astronauts show which may properly be referred to as a thrill ride with a brain. Gravity movie is directed by Alfonso Cuaron, stars Academy Award winners Sandra Bullock and St. George Clooney in a very heart-pounding heroic tale that pulls you into the infinite and unforgiving realm of region. Bullock plays Dr. Ryan Stone, an excellent medical engineer on her 1st shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (Clooney). however on a apparently routine spacewalk, disaster strikes. The shuttle is destroyed, effort Stone and Kowalsky completely alone.

The story revolves around a Medical engineer Dr. Ryan Stone is on her first space shuttle mission. WHO is commanding his final expedition. throughout a spacewalk, dust from a satellite crashes into the space shuttle human, destroying most of it and going away them stranded in space with restricted air.  The dust continues to hit other satellites, causing a sequence reaction of destruction until the satellites necessary for the 2 astronauts to speak with Mission control in Houston are also destroyed. yet, each Kowalski and Stone still transmit “in the blind” to Mission control, in the hopes that Mission control can hear them, regardless of whether or not they receive messages from Mission control.

Stone goes over the emergency manual, and uses the thrusters to line the Soyuz up with the Chinese station. She attempts to fireplace the main Soyuz rocket to navigate to the Chinese station; however, the fuel tanks area unit empty. Stone tries to use the Soyuz radio to contact earth, but she is only able to reach a farmer WHO does not speak English on a short wave frequency. Stone resigns herself to her fate of dying, and turns off the chemical element flow in the cabin to hasten her eventual suffocation. She begins to go to sleep, running out of chemical element, once she sees a vision of Kowalski outside the capsule. Kowalski enters the capsule, to Stone’s astonishment. Stone tells him that there is no fuel left for the main rocket, but Kowalski, ever the human, tells Stone that the capsule still has re-entry rockets that cushion the landing of the capsule before touchdown ashore, which they’ll use those to navigate to the Chinese station.

The capsule splashes down during a exceedingly|in a very} lake in an depopulated part of the planet. Stone opens the capsule hatch, but the water speeding in nearly drowns her, pinning her against the wall. Once the water pressure equalizes, she slips out of her spacesuit and swims to the surface, where she swims to shore. whereas the remains of the Chinese orbiter and other satellite dust streak high in the sky overhead, Stone takes her initial shaky steps on physical object, bit by bit adjusting to the earth’s gravity.